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Trash cans in public areas are a great way to keep the environment clean. Snider Rec Sport Shop sells commercial outdoor garbage cans for cities, parks, municipality and schools. They have a variety of lids and containers to choose from.

Snider Rec Sport Shop offers lids in domes and flat tops. Lids can come in four sizes: 10, 22, 32 and 55 Gallon.

The garbage cans are made out of specific material to keep them durable in outdoor weather. They can be made out of recycled plastic, steel, plastic coated, plastisol, wood concrete, stone or aluminum.

The Expanded Metal Receptacle is a popular choice. It is made with a hot dipped galvanized or powder coat finish to help with wear resistance. It is also see-through for public safety.

Come to Snider Rec Sport Shop to get all your commercial waste products. Keep your environment clean with style!