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Church Playgrounds

Today churches are not only a place to worship, but a time for fellowship.  Adding a playground to your church, can provide a safe atmosphere for children to gather, play and have fun.  It provides adults with a place to chat and get to know other members of the church.  Churches often offer school classes during the week or run a preschool out of their facility.  A playground is a great asset to these programs as well.

Snider Rec Sport Shop offers the circle cycle, funnel ball, a paint center, tetherball, swings, and play stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs for your customizable playground. All of our playground equipment safe for outdoor installation and is weather safe.

With the variety of options, playgrounds can be customized to fit into your desired space, price range, and preferences, while letting kids exercise and even learn through the games on the playground.

Playground Equipment for Schools

Having a playground is an essential part of a daycare, nursery or elementary school. Children need physical activity and weather is pleasant a safe, beautiful playground is a great place to allow children to explore their imagination and get in some exercise, too.

The circle cycle, funnel ball, paint center, tetherball, and swings are all great additions to a playground. Snider Rec Sport Shop also offers play stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs. All products are protected against playful kids and severe weather conditions.  With the options provided by Snider Rec Sport Shop, your school playground can be customized to fit your budget, available space, and desires.